Sunday, November 29, 2009

this is a really nice song!

*thumbs up*

This song has brought up the memories back in ages. Reminded me of my secondary school form 4/5 with my classmates had really fun days. Yeah, I was the odd one out, I do admit. Looking at them having fun in the crowd made me feel a silent happy deep in my heart. It makes me warm and happy. Miss you guys. Could our friendship last till in the future? no one knows. Let us hold on it as far it goes!

This song reminded me of the accounting seminar held in a building near hilton hotel. I still remember that everyone has arrived and in the bus, left me the one not arrived yet due to police cadet camp (oh, I think Peat Ming was with me too). Once I got on bus, the whole bus just came out with all sorts of sound, but those sounds really made me have a smile on my face! Well, I was really tired by stretching through the whole camp right after the final day exam.

I could still remember that the final day of the exam was Friday, and I have to get back home to pack stuff and back to school by that day. stretch all the way till the last day of the camp and left the camp in the morning for the seminar which is 2 days seminar? Haha... Yeah, it was really packed. But it really made a good memory for me for that holiday. Because it made 1 of my holiday fulfilled with you guys in it. Seriously looking into the next gathering where I CAN ATTEND. Sorry guys that I could not attend any gathering at all due to the class still on-going. >___<"
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Friday, November 27, 2009




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Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's time to get real busy with 1 report submission on tuesday, 1 programming coursework in 2 weeks time, 1 mathematic coursework in 2 weeks time, 1 final report in 3 weeks time. I feel so worried and scared.

Oh no... Hope everything goes smoothly without delay...

Amithaba.... (阿弥陀佛)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

ma & grandma, i miss you




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Thursday, November 19, 2009


這張是我在Nottingham City逛街時無意中拍到的。美嗎?







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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just to share with you


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

do you guys rmbr?

OMB man...
Really really start to miss you guys... here has no one get as wild as those days in malaysia weih!

Work load is ripping me off slowly... How I hope it could just be a no due date assignments for me to finish them in a proper way and get them done nicely.. Sigh!

Seriously gotta find a way to make myself totally relax 1 day.. but... how?
assignments and courseworks pulling my legs anytime, anywhere, even anything i saw also reminds me.. >___<""


Oh, I am really getting headache of searching valuable jumper/cardigan/knitwear to wear during winter.. really hard to judge.. sommore no one can actually help us out on HOW TO CHOOSE... the locals here always "not free".. sigh!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Eyes on Nottingham

there was a Eyes on "malaysia" which changed to eyes on malacca..
then there is an eyes on london...
have you seen eyes on nottingham?
but horr...
this eyes on nottingham will only appear in nottingham 3 days in a year ( i think ba)

This is the "eyes on nottingham" lo~

actually lehh....
this is taken at goose fair (as written on the picture..)
on top of that.. this goose fair is only happen once a year..

u can only see nottingham view once a year.. lol!!


my next updates...
I am now getting crazy with doing programming....
and I think tomorrow will be rushing to finish up the whole programming...
and finish up 1 of the report to be submitted on tuesday..
so that I can rush my log book which i did not started it...
=___=""" my matlab for my construction project (audio amplifier +power supply)

yeah, malaysia campus frens! we having this fun thingy!
best part is we do not need to write any report every week...
just need to write into log book... (just simply sketch wat u wan to crap! **of course must be relevant.**)
Now I'm done with the audio amplifier.. gonna start report for the audio amplifier... submission date is 11 dec... sigh!!
seems like alot of things to do...

that's y lo... that's y i am so bz till could not get any pics to update my blog...

**becoz i promise to post up 1 photo 1 post ma... rmbr?*
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latest update

Hey guys,
sorry for such a late reply.
This is simply because I am so busy in a building.

This is the building I have always been to nowadays to finish up my assignments/coursework.

This is Tower Building. The only tallest building in the campus and is 1 of the old building built since don't know how long ago... (dun ask me why i dunno since i'm here as a student! =P =P ) btw...
this building is belongs to Electrical and Electronics Engineer faculty. You know why?

reason very easy... at the old ages, civil engineer will always not in room... and they do not need alot of machines ( or maybe even dun need any big machines).. so they are out of scope.. then mechanical.. TOO BIG MACHINE!! cannot go till so high floors... so out! (serious! no kidding!) what else.. chemical engineer? what if they burnt off the whole building? their hardwork for so high building weih!! =P =P (summore their labs are not needed any machine right?)

You guys must be thinking, then y EEE????
what u guys using to read my blog..? computer right?
what computer made from? electronics...
and need electrical (power) to make it work..
y cant a computer to bring up?
you can even bring a laptop around the whole world! =P =P
that's y lo...
this tallest building belongs to?
the best engineering course! =P =P =P (kidding)
my course lo~~~

ok ok.. stop SS-ing...
actually these are really true.. quoted by my personal tutor...
who has been working as a professor for duno how many years..
and have been in this university for like... 30+++ i think???
not sure how long.. i just remember very very very long...

btw... there is a computer room in there.. =D
i always be there to on comp and "play"... lol!

next update soon!

**sorry again for late update**
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Sunday, November 01, 2009

nottingham malaysian games update 2

I just found that I did not include what they include for us of being a volunteer.

As the photo posted previously, The shirt is actually given for free. Then, the tag is also free. There will have free lunch provided (Well, I am vegetarian and they could get me a meal. Happy enough. =D ). On the other hand, they will have a party after event, but of course is few weeks time i assume, because the event is just ended and they need post-Mortem. so, yeah... Not bad! =D

Oh, the food wasn't really taste nice, and... you know what? they are actually selling the price by just changing the symbol RM to POUNDS! lol!!

Couldn't believe that they are "potong"-ing us with this way.. =P

Here are some photos from the food fair...

** as u can see... the price is almost same in malaysia, but instead of RM is pound.. =X
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Nottingham Malaysian Games 2009, UK

Yesterday I could not update my blog due to this event. I was needed to wake up at 4am in order to get prepared to get pick up by 5am. But due to some problem ( which I dunno what are those), they came at 6am instead. Btw, my job is volunteered security guard. =D

I have seen quite a lot of my secondary high school long lost friends here when I was trafficking the buses to the bus parking lots. It was really boring after my first task ended. Simply because, my next task, which took the longest time to accomplish it, was just standing at the food fair telling the people same thing repeatedly. ("excuse me, this is exit only. entrance that side please. Thank you." or "sorry, entrance that side please. Thank you." or "sorry, do you mind to proceed to the ballroom to have your meal? there is chairs and tables provided. thank you")

Well, I have met really a lot of my friends. And I got a prank by my friend which really made me very unhappy. In the early morning, I saw a guy on bus was so shocked seeing me trafficking the buses. I thought of him at first, but he should be in Australia! So, I sms-ed to my friend for confirmation and he gave me a reply of "You must have be seen the wrong person."

So, I just thought I really saw the wrong person. And through out the whole day I actually saw him passed by in front of me 4 times AND! we did not talk (because he din notice me).

TILL ALMOST CLOSING CEREMONY STARTS, I was observing that guy, his action telling me that I WONT BE WRONG THAT THIS GUY IS HIM!! So, I sent another sms to my friend to double confirm. AND NOW HE REPLIED "I was jokin. He is here in games." bugger... prank me till so syok... made me miss out so many times talking to him throughout the whole day.. So, of course I approached to him and shouted his name. and talked to him of course.. haha.. and meanwhile I received my friend's message "Where is he?" I just said I wont tell him. Siapa panggil dia main aku ni sampai begitu seronok. Mana tau, he got pissed off that he got serious things nak talk to him.. =__=" orang got pissed off on someone he pranked on. But did not think about my feeling how I felt when he fooled me. bugger...

Luckily of course, I got his number at least.. But did not get a time for photo with him. Due to someone's ENJOYMENT.

Btw, I am waiting most of my friends to post up the photos which taken with me.. =P =P =P
they are memorable!! =D
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