Wednesday, October 21, 2009

something to share

two days back, I went to Nottingham City to take bus to go to a supermarket to buy groceries. While waiting to get on bus to get back my hostel, I saw a scene which really draw my full attention and thoughts.

Well, the scene goes this way: There was a daddy who was hugging/carrying his young daughter walking along the road. (of course, this is just a usual scene u will see every where) On the meanwhile, there were a few teens cycling around the city.(and of course, cycling is extremely normal here too) For the teens who are NAUGHTY, they of course tend to fool around with the pedestrian right? So, there is a cyclist who thought that he could just hit the young girl when that daddy did not realize. That daddy was actually looking around across the road, so basically he did not see anyone on his left side (where the cyclist is passing-by).
When the cyclist tend to reach them, the daddy turned back and that hand took his full attention and immediately he wacked that cyclist's hand off super hard and shouted "get ur ****ing hand off!". after that he asked his daughter is she alright too..

This scene made me thought of how a daddy/mommy actually cares their kids much. This makes sure they are grown up in a happiness environment.. =D well, the other side also thought of that cyclist. the teens nowadays are getting naughtier as generation pasts....

and a photo is shared.. =) *the effect is nice*

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Hackster said...

If the world is full of me instead of those cyclists, then it will definitely be a better place!! =D (Being so full of myself) lol~~~