Sunday, October 25, 2009


How long have u not been riding marry-go-round?

This is taken during a trip to Goose Fair in Nottingham.
Well, this photo reminded me of a song sang by Faye Wong.


a short update for today.
a group of malaysian mobility friends had gathered and wanted to go to nottingham castle for their once a year event, robin hood pageant. But the weather was fooling us. It was raining till 11.30 and when we reached the castle, the rain is even heavier.. and it was alr 1.30pm.. so we decided to have a lunch first instead... well, after lunch it was still raining.. so we decided to have a cup of coffee (because we have vouchers for buy 1 free 1 @costa coffee). after the "hi-tea", it is then 3.30pm. We had no mood to go again.. Thus, we decided to just go to purchase sum groceries. and well, wasted whole day without going the robin hood pageant. gonna burn midnight oil finish up my reports so that tmr could still be able to go to the robin hood pageant for the sake of being here for just 1 yr. =) please bless me. *kekekeke*

p/s: there are sum photos taken for the coffee.. will be uploaded very soon. =P
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Hackster said...

coffee again~~? Lol~~~

ProxYLimiT said...

not AGAIN..
it has been very long time i did not drink coffee..
and as written... is becoz we got free voucher..... =D

g_yean_i said...

bless you then! the marry-go-round is nice! hehe..

ProxYLimiT said...

when u guys coming nottingham..
rmbr give me notice yaaaa