Sunday, October 18, 2009

had not went to any restaurant for a meal yet

Till now since I came UK, i did not have any meal at any restaurant yet.. Well, we ordered pizza baa... but still, they come to door step... lol.. not considered having meal at the restaurant right? =P

Oh well, the food is not considered cheap. That's why. Wonder when will be the first time to go and taste it out.. But i dun wish to spend that much on it.. well, see how thing goes.. =D
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Hackster said...

how's uk pizza? =)

ProxYLimiT said...

still ok looo

found promo for 10pound 4 dish chinese food..
will now thinking when to test it out.. bcz is just 50 pence extra compared to pizza for a meal.. =P =P =P

Kimberly said...

i *heard* from friends that Nosh in Beeston is quite nice. I *heard* only la :) maybe u can go try it out

ProxYLimiT said...

u test first then tell me laaa

Kimberly said...

Nosh, for chinese food.

er, dont think I'll be going la, coz... it's chinese food. lol.

but my friends who quite fussy with food say quite nice la, so i think should be ok.

u go try then u tell me la, lol.