Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cambridge Trip photos uploaded

we have been to Cambridge on the 1st week we settled down our stuff with university.

went to cambridge to take photo with "the university of cambridge"... lol!!
well... of course.. we are here to take photos right?
so instead of keep taking photos of others...
i took photos of ppl taking photos...

hahahaha.... well.. this photo cant see clearly... actually the sky was very nice..
but due to the shadow covered on they 2... contrast taken by my camera and couldn't see the clarity of the sky anymore.. =(

oh well... we also took some "naughty" shots while noone spot us.. kekeke..

well.. joshua's hand looks so gay as usual... =P =P =P
and u can also see that jaric is pushing ben downwards so that he can jump higher..
in a way.. he cant jump loh!! =P =P =P
k..k..k.. jk jk.. =P

well.. wanted to take a group photos... but too many ppl around.. couldn't just keep my camera on tripod to take.. so gotta sacrifice at least 1 ppl...
but then.. bcz i wasn't in any photos.. so i was taken photo with only 3 frens...

sad right? only 3 of them came into the photo frame... sad sad...

well... overall, cambridge is a nice place to view and understand the history of cambridge while taking nice photos around... =P =P =P
this post will be posting photos with frens in... next post might be just scenery.. =)

keep updating with my blog k? =D
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