Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Do you know or remember who is Gary Robert?


This is the website about him..
For those who read the newspaper weeks ago, he is the guy who participated the KL marathon and found dead dehydrated. his body is found at the end of construction waste tunnel in the stadium by the next day with the assistant K-9 dog unit.

From this website, u can actually find more details where there was no drip (for serious dehydrate cases) or even water given to him when he was fainted.

When i was reading along, questions pop up in mind: Why the person-in-charge is so inconsiderate? Why don't just give an announcement for the sake of safety? How possible that only 200 guider along the path can guide such a big amount of participants? Why NO WATER is provided at the booth for participants? Why no basic medic check up before he is carried away? (this u can see the video uploaded in the website) Why he is not sent to any hospital? and last but not least, and is the most important question, why is his body found in the construction waste tunnel?

rules are dead, but humans are alive.. We can alter the rules with a good reason, right? this made me recall the singapore movie JUST FOLLOW LAW LA's security guard. Just because too many ppl against the rule, so the bomba kena clam? lol... stupid right? well.. not to compare this 2 situation la... that movie memang exaggerated.. lol... But, doing the right things will not get pointed by the crowd right?

at first, i was reading "the real story" in the website.. i was thinking.. why the hospital did not call the family? why they search so many hospital and no news? If the organizer did send him to hospital, at least they know who is that who been sent to hospital, and the organizer can contact the family right? but why the event ended, dinner over, even supper over, but still have no news? well... the body is then found in the construction waste tunnel... wait... CONSTRUCTION WASTE TUNNEL IN THE STADIUM?!?!?!IN THE STADIUM!?!?! CONSTRUCTION WASTE TUNNEL!?!?!? what happened weih!!! apasal ni....

this seriously makes me feel that this world is so creepy..... 人心何在?
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