Monday, September 21, 2009

proton in uk??

our proton wira has turned to be the proton persona in uk here weih!!!
wow!! haha... really MALAYSIA BOLEH!! xD

malaysia last 2 yrs only get the proton persona up in malaysia's market.. and uk got it edi la.. xD awesome right....

the number plate is covered for privacy purpose. =)

oh and u can see my fren is holding the Primark and a big bag... we actually went down to Nottingham City to look for Pillow and Duvet (we named them as Comforter). 10 pounds for whole set with the cover for them.. pretty cheap i would say.. =D

sorry again.. new photos will be uploaded next time when the internet speed is really good enough.. every night here is really slow whereby i cant even on my msn.. wonder y ppl thumbs up for uk line.. =(
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

arrived Nottingham safely

have been in the university of nottingham, nottingham campus for almost 2 days now. seems like most of us is getting use to the weather pretty fast... yet not the journey to be taken for everyday.. our legs are pretty pain after a long walk non-stop today.. had a "short" university park tour which took us walk back the same journey we have been went through which actually we were sort of got lost right be4 the tour started.. well, pretty fun here so far.. will be uploading photos soon i hope.

Tomorrow will be shifting into our "permanent accommodation". all of us are so excited that we at last could hang our clothes up! wooohoooo =P =P =P

please keep updated from my blog for my life in uk.. TQ
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

just to share with u

this is a video that i came across when i was looking through my facebook..
shared by fren..
viewed before...
but, it is really interesting.. so share here...
hope u guys enjoy it.. =D
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

malacca trip

on friday morning, around 9am, i departed and headed to bukit jalil to pick up Pooi Mun and then headed to university to pick up Lai, Sarah and Liau... Liau was still sleeping when i reached the junction turning into semenyih..

then, we headed to wen shan's malacca house and reached at 12++ i think.. then he brought us to go around malacca with using small roads.. =D and brought us to see his secondary school, and brought us to meet with RUTH! sumone special ehh.. kekeke... who got D90 and was assisted by wen shan..

well, we headed to the famous chicken riceball shop.. near jonker street i assume.. or maybe is jonker street.. which looks really nice at that place.. but did not have chance to shoot much there.. bcz was just pretty lazy shooting around with non-photographers around at that moment.. till we reached the "red church".. (errr.. duno the location name.. but i know is near A'famosa).. we took quite alot of photos there, then due to the weather was so hot, we headed to dataran pahlawan (please correct me if wrong) and went to McD...

we were there till quite late, was around 4-5 i think? then we headed to tan kim hock and had the durian dodol.. it has been yrs back i tasted it!! but there is a thing they have changed. you know the bowl holder which made of soft board? they prepared it and we did not need to "fix" it before we start to eat.. which lack of the FUN eating it! =( and we were there till 6++ and headed baq to wen shan's house, and met marcus!!

dinner.. ate peranakan dinner.. awesome dinner.. but was still abit not really full actually.. but we then headed to jonker street to walk.. the lighting along the shoplots are so reddish and attracted me and shan to take photo.. and well.. shan's photo always gets the better result (DUHH!!! hu is he la~) and we had the much better and cheaper dodol there.. awesome!! the real gula malacca is not that sweet but is thick! nice laa... =P you all should go and try it!

well.. at night... here comes the really special EVENTS of the trip.. as usual la, we bathed and left shan.. xD and liau was so so so so tired till wanna sleep edi... but after wen shan brought in the room with 3 extra laptops.. liau just jumps up and prepared for DOTA.. =___="" well... i dun dota right? so.. kacau around with sarah and pooi mun.. and got sum shots during that crazy moments..
these are sum shots with my camera.. please allow me some time to upload those photos taken with my dslr.. k? enjoy these first..
before the dota session started.. we had a scrabble session...
and amazingly, newbie+noobie won the game with flying colors!!

while they are...

sarah was listening with sony green mp3 player... WITH LOUD SOUND

until she cant even hear wat i say... and captured a picture i waved my hand.. =__=""

well.. while they dota-ing.. they came out with the order "no win no sleep"...
and end up till 8am... =.="""

well... new photos will be uploaded in few days time i hope...
please be patient!!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

special sharing

for those chinese reader here..
please read the words slowly...
erm.. and this is about buddhist things laa..
so, if u are not anti-buddhism... u can just view it..
is really a nice one...

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specially update in chinese

今天,我看着我家的小狗。看着他每次都跑到同一个角落躺着、玩他的玩具时,让我觉得动物真的跟人一样。他们会找自己的comfort zone(不懂怎样用华语来讲),而我们人类呢?也不是如此吗?当遇到问题时,尤其是人事问题时,就会自己一个人跑进自己的comfort zone。而,比如说我们每次都到一间餐馆用餐……如果去久了,会习惯性的坐在平时坐的地方……对吗?

看着那只狗,一直往那个角落趴住的时候,让我想起,以前的我都很希望自己过自己的生活、不想参与他人。可是过后逼自己参与他人,得来的好多了。我看着那只狗,想到说:『每次都在自己的comfort zone,根本就不知道其实别的地方有更舒服的。』也许,踏出了这一步,你反而会觉得这个地方并不好呢?

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My first simple dinner since my holiday started

Today, my mom has left to Vietnam for an exhibition for a week. So, i had a very simple dinner today... I cooked 2 packets of cintan mee.. lol? and heated up a pot of mushroom which was made few days back.. half way cooking the mee, i added the soup from the pot of mushroom to the mee soup... and i just tasted the taste.. seriously very delicious...

couldn't believe my idea of cooking is still not bad after so long did not cook my own dinner since i came baq kl... (well... once i came baq.. i always cook with my mom.. so is not considered cooking a meal myself right? =P )

here is the picture with mushroom!! =D

and this!

well.. i was taking this photo infront of my computer.. so u can see the speaker behind.. =P

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the fake michael jackson!

the funny clip whereby an indian imitate michael jackson and came out with a funny lyrics.. xD
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Do you know or remember who is Gary Robert?

This is the website about him..
For those who read the newspaper weeks ago, he is the guy who participated the KL marathon and found dead dehydrated. his body is found at the end of construction waste tunnel in the stadium by the next day with the assistant K-9 dog unit.

From this website, u can actually find more details where there was no drip (for serious dehydrate cases) or even water given to him when he was fainted.

When i was reading along, questions pop up in mind: Why the person-in-charge is so inconsiderate? Why don't just give an announcement for the sake of safety? How possible that only 200 guider along the path can guide such a big amount of participants? Why NO WATER is provided at the booth for participants? Why no basic medic check up before he is carried away? (this u can see the video uploaded in the website) Why he is not sent to any hospital? and last but not least, and is the most important question, why is his body found in the construction waste tunnel?

rules are dead, but humans are alive.. We can alter the rules with a good reason, right? this made me recall the singapore movie JUST FOLLOW LAW LA's security guard. Just because too many ppl against the rule, so the bomba kena clam? lol... stupid right? well.. not to compare this 2 situation la... that movie memang exaggerated.. lol... But, doing the right things will not get pointed by the crowd right?

at first, i was reading "the real story" in the website.. i was thinking.. why the hospital did not call the family? why they search so many hospital and no news? If the organizer did send him to hospital, at least they know who is that who been sent to hospital, and the organizer can contact the family right? but why the event ended, dinner over, even supper over, but still have no news? well... the body is then found in the construction waste tunnel... wait... CONSTRUCTION WASTE TUNNEL IN THE STADIUM?!?!?!IN THE STADIUM!?!?! CONSTRUCTION WASTE TUNNEL!?!?!? what happened weih!!! apasal ni....

this seriously makes me feel that this world is so creepy..... 人心何在?
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Monday, September 07, 2009

my reaction made my jimui a happy & relax night

it was just out of sudden...
while i was on video calling via skype with my jimui who is still studying in australia and is currently bz doing assignments... suddenly saw a black figure came from window and crossed on top of me ( i mean i saw the shadow).

that figure wasn't small at all... i at first thought is just some small insect... but so big... 100% is not.. once i turn baq... shit! cockroach!!!!!!!

FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and worst thing was it was facing me flying towards me...
and this stupid "C" turned to other side and i straight away stood up and lari out of the room.... and be4 i stood up... i heard my jimui asking.. "wat happened oohh??"

and while i was running out of the room... she laughed... well, i believe she know wat happened... after a few minutes, i peeked my room to look for this stupid devilly-creature-ry..... and my jimui laughing there non-stop... well... i made my way to make the cockroach fly into toilet... and i closed the door and off the light..

and right after that... i closed my window too... not longer than 15 mins.. i heard 1 banging on window sound.. so i peeked out of the window... this devilly-creature-ry is right outside of the window "cleaning" itself.. stupid!!! go away laa... dun come my place... @)*(#$&@#*$(@#$

thank god i shut my window right after i close the toilet door... if not i think i will be repeating the same reaction again...

oh.. ji mui ah... if u reading this horr... jia you aaa.... gambateh! all the best.. =) *miss you*
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

all about 4

Four most important dates in your life.
~Date of birth
~parents' birthday
~my partner's birthday
~wedding date
(well... die liao also duno when u die laa... vincent!!)

Four things you've done in the last 30 minutes.
~eat lunch
~play facebook
~watch ppstream

Four ways to be happy.
~listen dhamma class
~voluntary work of course

Four of your favorite hobbies.
~photography (hahahahahahaha)

Four places or country you want to go for vacation.
~europe (if i have enough money to go)

Four favorite drinks.
~100 plus
~warm water
~COFFEE 'O'!!!!!

Four things always found in your bag.
~ear set
~calculator (bcz use bag only when go uni maa... if photography.. ma all camera stuff looo)

Four favorite colors.

Top four hangouts.
~1 utama (duhh.. my territory laa)
~ikano / the curve
~university (wakakakaka)

Top four you love so much.
~MY family
~My Wife/My soulmate
~My friends

Top four 'things' special to you.
~best friend
~chances to do voluntary work
~get to know more dhamma

Top four who you will tag.
~chang wei wen
~jeng hwan
~pooi mun
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heavy rain

tonight is really having heavy rain...
my room is facing a road..
and i can notice even the street light is shaking...

and my bed is 1/8 side wet...
sob sob.... the rain is so fast...
at first was just wind.. i was like... y suddenly so big wind one aaa...
not more than 15 mins...
rain come... kantoi...........

wat about ur place?
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Saturday, September 05, 2009

just to share with you

michael jackson medley by sam tsui...
nice one!


a very nice MV clip...

This 2 MV are shared by 2 of my friend...
Yih Chien for the MJ medley
Pooi Mun for the S.H.E. nice MV

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Friday, September 04, 2009

new bag and new battery

today i have went out almost whole day to get a new battery and a new bag for my camera.. Firstly i went to pudu plaza... when i passed by the ticket machine, i saw
"FIRST 15 MINUTES FREE".. so i just drove as fast as i can to find a car park...

Once i am done i just walk as fast as i can to find DigitalsMania which is at lowerground floor.. >__<" couldn't really spot that shop, but later on i found it bcz that's the only shop with the company board lights on at that row of shops... lol!

so i just walked in and look for the person i was on phone with.. and i just get the battery to check is it original Nikon EN-EL3e and tested on my D80 (which i dunno y i did it actually). and i found battery is actually just 50% full.. but well, the shining sticker is stated this battery is ORIGINAL.. lol...

so once i paid and get the receipt, i really flashed off just to avoid paying anything for the carpark.. =P and that's the time where my fren, ping shen and gab started to call me... they thought i just arrived there to look for shops and CHOOSE SLOWLY... =(

they already at pavillion waited pretty long.. so i said i will be thinking where to eat then.. but in the end i went to pavilion to meed up with them and the route was guided by ping shen instead of my gps... my gps just went wrong too many times till i just duno what is it trying to guide me to.. really thanks to ping shen.. and so sorry about letting them waiting me.. >__<"

well.. we met up and were asking each other where to eat..
but we ended up walk all the way to lowyat for a meal at sushi king..
and the weather was pretty hot... oh well, when we reached sushi king.. we spotted a kid trying to defeat eating a GIANT BOWL OF UDON/SOBA in 10 minutes...

this is a challenge by sushi king.. u win? u got it free.. if u lost... RM38.80...
we were discussing that this is really not a good challenge... damanging our stomach for nothing..

lol... imagine u won RM38.80.. but u havt see doctor for RM100... lol!! well, u know maths right? if u dont, can just on ur calculator in ur computer to calculate.. =P

and since it was still abit early.. we had our lunch and had a walk in lowyat plaza.. so we went there to look around.. and i was asking for batteries and the bag i wanted.. the batteries there was selling crazily high.. 250!?!?! i got mine for 140 only dude.. then was going around the whole plaza and only found 1 shop selling the bag i wanted to have.. and they were selling 390 and if get credit card paid, 3% extra.. i get 330 only la k... lol... so i just patah balik home..

after that...around 7+ i met up with the person, and got the bag... and had a very nice chat with him... well.. these are some photos with my gadgets in it... the tripod is not in... bcz i found that the side pocket is not wide enough to fit in 3 legs... 2 legs feel so uncomfortable.. so ended up with just 1 leg and with the "tripod stripe" on this newly improved kata dr-467, kata dr-467i ... hehehe....


The other side which u can see the "tripod stripe" and the side pocket

The "rain coat" for my bag... =D

camera compartment

left = tokina 116
centre = D80 with 18-135mm attached
right = SB-600 and nikon 50mm 1.8D

closer view

and of course..
my new original battery is charging!! =D =D =D

well.. have been dilemma for this battery for sooooooo long till sum of my fren tembak me gao gao.. lol...
soli for the picture quality.. bcz i have no digital camera.. but just my sony ericson.. =P
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


today had gone to kl to spend RM45... what a stupid things made..
me, joshua, and foong may went together.. firstly we went to msl travel agent to do isic card which is pretty near pwtc... which costs us RM20 and a photo... so once we are done, we thought we could just head back home directly.. but unfortunately, the person-in-charge said that this ISIC is not applicable for MAS to get extra 10kg luggage allowance.. we were so not happy... and i re-confirmed with that person-in-charge again that i called MAS and confirm with them few times..

but well.. they are the travel agent, they got the more precise information...
so joshua decided to head to jalan sultan ismail to seek for the BANGUNAN MAS...
and we did not know which building is BANGUNAN MAS... you know y? bcz is not stated there at all... so we over shot... until we called them, they said is just next to wisma kfc.. *@#*#*@# stupid location with stupid no logo...

and we went up and asked for the luggage allowance.. they said, ONLY MAS GRADS CARD CAN GET EXTRA ALLOWANCE... and i seriously tak suka edi... spent RM20 for nothing and was confirmed by the MAS and now they say CANNOT USE ISIC... stupid!!!! well.. while we doing our card, we met pooi mun n her sister... that's really smart.. lol.. i thought they went baq after they did the isic card after we did (well, i sent msg to pooi mun, but i did not receive any report at all. that's y i pretty surprised)

and once we done.. we headed baq to kepong to look for makan!!! super hungry edi..
oh, once i mentioned this word, hungry, i recalled that i was supposed to have a lunch with my mom.. and becoz of MAS, i gotta cancel that appointment... @*#$**#$

ok... there is the story that linked to wat i wrote on the title..
we ordered our food and waited pretty fast to wait the food to come..
so, as usual, joshua finished his drink and plan to order another cup of water..
this is the joke of the day...
joshua:(starred at me)我要一杯温水。
i starred at him with eye super big...
joshua 偷笑
老板娘:ocbc opposite only...
老板娘:your friend said ocbc ma...
and i laughed.....

well... for those hu dunno wat is OCBC... of course not the bank OCBC..
is the meaning behind.. ORANG CINA BUKAN CINA... lol!!!
but in the end of the day, joshua is nicknamed as OMBM...
orang malaysia bukan malaysian... lol!!!!
oh, and a super big surprise by joshua to foong may....
here it is.. =D

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