Monday, August 17, 2009


Today I have went to 1utama Golden Screen Cinema with my best bud, Vincent for this movie. hah... it has been such a long time i did not have such outings... pretty cool movie i would say.. the best is the scene where Ripcord looking for the control button in the jet to fire the "missle" to distroy the warhead.. and he cant find any button. ended up he tried with every single english word to fire it.. ended is another language... =.="" and the last warhead he has risked his life to rescue washington.. that's the awesome part... lol!

Oh yeah, i love the guy in the picture on top... he is just as cool as u can see... =P he just do the action and no speaking needed.. he even just pointing on LCD screen to let the other JOEs know what he spotted.. COOL!!!

have u all seen this movie?
get the ticket and watch it! that's seriously awesome!!!!
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