Monday, August 10, 2009

today's work done

today i have just done several simple task for whole day long..
today, i got my visa on hand. I am so happy with it when i got my visa on my passport.
that feeling is so real, so true.
but first and fore most, i went to my fren, joshua's house to pick him up, which is near tropicana and headed baq to kepong.. to drop by his gf's IC which i have no idea what makes that IC could just ended on his hand.
and there goes an hour and made my fren late for appointment which supposed to be 8.15..
thank god they dun go appointment by time.. but by number..
so i pretty curious wat's the point of using the appointment schedule system then?
oh yeah... there was a problem occurred on my document SEARCHING...
they could not find my document and i was pleased to have a seat to allow them to search the file. that guy was so worried that i will just "shoot" him without thinking twice. once i smiled and i say "nvm, just take ur time, i still havt wait for my fren to apply visa.. thanks for reminding. =)"
and he was like.. staring at me with a very curious look.. i wonder wat was he thinking.. lol.. do i look like a gangster? and does a gangster apply UK Tier 4 Visa to study? lol!
awesome weih... looking at his cute look and some applicants staring at me walking pass in front of them without doing anything, nor sit down at that counter.. lol!
but anyway, it seriously wasn't a biggie for me.. lol! u lost the document then just pay me the money and let me re-apply for the visa and re-do my passport and also pay me the money for the time being lo~
that's not that hard right? =P
hah... jk jk...
btw.. after we have done with the visa application at wisma mca, i wanted to bring my fren to a restaurant located at desa jaya. this restaurant has 2 very famous Bak Kut Teh type which are vegetarian foods.. they called them the Bak Kut Teh without BAK.. which in a way telling u that this bak kut teh has not meat inside, but is still as delicious as the real bak kut teh.. or even tastier... xD
maybe my frens gone lucky? or maybe not.. today, monday is the off day for the restaurant.. lol!
so we just headed to another restaurant which is has delicious foods on my taste-of-view..
i wanted to order a dish which is really awesome from my taste-of-view, but the waiter&waitress there just couldn't think of any dish has that "stuff" i mentioned.
i was so... speechless when my frens were criticizing me that the dish i wanted to order isn't from this restaurant.. so, i decided to change another dish instead, just not to crack the waiter&waitress heads.
yeah, so there goes our lunch and we just headed baq to send my fren, joshua home who sooooooo sleepy....
and, i think there goes my day so far?

keep update my blog soon.. stay 'tune'
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