Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photos: Kirchoff Charity Race

This is the event that was previously organized for UNiM students by UNMC IET Student Chapter. I was appointed to be the photographer.
This event is basically inviting a couple to be a group and compete with others. The earnings we got have been fully donated to a home located at Sungai Long which doesn't have any SUNGAI at all.. xD

One of our station game was having a task which needs the participants to eat bitter cord which even the person-in-charge doesnt like that food and gave that idea. =__="
see how ENJOYING is he, Joshua eating there! is not bitter at all btw..

And of course, we are not racist for anything right? so of course, the Africans joined too.. they enjoyed the game they said. =) happy to hear from them... hohoho

couple shot... of course, they are not gay... just, we mentioned couple, but din mention couple as guy and gal as a couple right? yeah! =)

this pic makes me feel nice with the position of the NOOB photoshop-er (ME)'s watermark. looks cool by putting at that position. what you think?

see~! another couple which is not that COUPLE you thought.. lol
this is UNiM laa... not all couple will join the game organized in school.. Y? bcz they just wan be more romantic instead? i think so.. =P

Hehe.. the TOP STUDENT in my class.. And if not mistaken, she is the TOP 3 UEC student last year. OMG!!!
but see how CUTE is this look la... and yah, the guy blocking, is her partner..
is joshua! xD

See how sad is joshua's result compared to his partner!? what a small baloon he got after blowing so long..... lol!

Chern ta! Chern Ta~~~ chill abit!!! dun la later u get DRUNK by just blowing baloon!!
damn red weih ur face... lol!!

oowwhhhh............. so romantic......... lol.......

some mistakes captured... wanted to cover just the eyes, but he just TERpull the thing and that newspaper nearly blocked his nose.. was adjusted right be4 i took this shot.. =(

We got a station is just at the lake in our uni! this station is having some simple quiz which u either get it right, and get the next clue? or get it wrong, and run around the lake. so, u could guess he got the quiz right or wrong then. SRY KIN FA~ xD

the first person reached the safe zone.. but he was sooooooooooooo stressed... lol!!

the second one... but see how tired he is... never been playing such game around the whole campus be4 i bet.. lol!

the couple which won the 3rd prize! they were soooooooooooooo happy!!!
know y? bcz joshua supposed to be the committee, but since he did not attend any meeting yet, and that girl wanted to join. so we decided to kick him out and join with her.. lol!!!
committee joined the race and got prize? lol.. sumone was kinda angry with that question! =(

and of course, the group pictures with all participants! they were soooo happy....
bcz that was the first time they played a race which gotta run around the whole campus... lol!
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