Thursday, August 13, 2009

the official first outing with my best bud FOR THIS YEAR!

OMG weih...
as u can read from the title..
yea, this outing is the OFFICIAL one...
we went out once.. but was late at night.. and was forced by sum1 to go mamak when i was so tired and preparing for second day's camp which is 10 days long.
but nvm...
at least we went out again!
today i have went to my best bud campus, TARC at setapak.
i went there by MRR2... once i reach there... just nice he reached the main entrance I THINK?
lol... there was so full of cars and students... made me took a big u turn just to pick him up right infront of the entrance... so we had our lunch at McD which is most convenient? yeah, i think so.
then, we headed to titiwangsa which took us duno how long.. =.=""
bcz i used my gps... lol!
we turned in the taman tasik titiwangsa just to look for the rc track..
we later found it was like.. 10 mins searching? lol!
so, these are the photos i took:

any comment?
please give comments on picture.. =)

but soon after i started to touch the controller... the car started to being damaged... =X
sorry vincent!!!!
and the car just went summersault and the car cant be used...
simply becoz be4 that the car went pass water.. =.="""
so, we cant do anything right? so we headed to time square immediately... on our way to time square, it RAINS! WHAT!?!?!? =.="""
KL+RAIN=?? JAM la duh... lol!
so we got stuck in jam for duno how long. once we parked the car, we went soooo fast to that shop which this car was purchased to repair...
when we were in the car, i was telling him that maybe when we reach the shop, the car can work edi..
just as i guessed... it memang begitu... once reach the shop... the technician helped us to try out..
the tyre spinned and splashed sum "left-over" water on his face... loL!!!!!!
the technician immediately said:"Boss, got water la!" woooppppppsssssssssssssssssssssssssss =P
btw, he still helped to tune the car and everything goes baq to normal...
once we have done these in time square.. we ran away... bcz i got a mission baq at home.. =.="

awesome day..... but drove so long... pretty tired... and got insane by photoshop... someone help me to brush my skill please... lol!
oh ya... gotta thanks to my fren, a good CANON USER photographer and also a good photoshop-er.. K.Yew... so paiseh keep asking his help when he is playing game.. >__<"

k... time to say.... "stay tune"

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