Thursday, August 06, 2009

I have just started listening to JJ Lin's song via YouTube.
Seriously thanks to YouTube to allow me listen to any songs i want when I'm not with my harddisk around.
By the way,
after listening to the songs... and also the mv obviously..
there is something just rang my bell..
Just recalled that my friend called me up past 2 days and was asking for a small favor. was just simply asking me to purchase 3 STICK?( i think..) flowers and give it to sumone who just got 21 on that day. OMG!!! i was so so so so nervous that my mind keep wonder, WHY ME!? was wondering what he was thinking... he knew I liked that girl for quite some time.. FOR NO REASON HOW HE FOUND THAT OUT!! and I of course stop liking her once i found that she just got a new boyfriend. Hah... Btw, he was telling me that I will still stand a chance in the future.. (=.="" as long as she is still with a guy, i wont do anything la dude)
But that time was like, I din even hav a chance to talk to her in reality... so there goes he made an extremely awkward and lame way to let me know her..
but i think i just ruined that chance. hah... Sorry weih~~

I just gotta admit that I still cant pass my own stage to face a girl who is considered as stranger.. lol! Oh, back to the previous part which is just recently happened, 2 days ago.. I really wonder what was he thinking.. He wanted me to buy and give it to her MYSELF... but after that he changed the plan.. wanted me to get it and meet up with him and go along to wish her happy birthday.. but end up i just cant face that.. and i think he just got fed up of me and just kicked me off for these planning and he went to florist himself. Since he is not local from kepong, he asked the way to get to florist... I have asked 1 of my friend where is it possible to get florist shop..(duhh... i din buy flower be4, how i know where have florist?) my fren agreed that carrefour and jusco both shopping complex have 1 each. end up he went carrefour and found NONE! got fooled by my fren and i was so FISHY.. so i just called him up IMMD and directed him to jusco where the confirmed location was checked from my kai mui.. thank god he made it be4 the florist end the business of the day! but i think he is so pissed on me.. asked me for so long and ended up nothing was up..
=( sorry mate... hope u do understand.. i'm not as good as u in social...


smth not related to the previous one...
by last week if not mistaken, i was so-called stalking friends' profile page. and i just spotted a 'rabbit' ( is a cute young secondary girl that i named her that 2+ years ago regarding her good memory). i viewed her profile obviously and added her as friend as what i usually do when i know sumone and still not in my friend list.. and on that spot i was so random and sent her a msg fooling her... She did not reply of course... it was midnight maa.... ppl still gotta go for class next day.. xD
so.. she just talk to me these few days.. hah.. chinese always says, girls will have 18 main changes when they grow up.. this is so obvious on her..
became to be so MEAN talking to me.. sigh... almost every sentence also shoot me gao gao.. kantoi laa... xD
rabbit memang rabbit.. xD
tak bagi makanan for a while.. angry u.. dah nak bite u... mm choi u.. xD xD
but 1 thing she din change much... her look still look so innocent and so childish.. =P
memang macam mui mui... xD
just made me recall my life in my KP la... &*(^#*@!#
not a really good memory after all... =(
i think it is not good to write any further more... start to talk bullshits...
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