Thursday, August 06, 2009

have you thought this possibility?

have any of ur past generation has Alzheimer?
what if you grandparents or even elder generation dun have and 1 of ur parents got it?
what will u do?
how to accept it?
have you thought of it?
what will be ur planning for this then?

just a random thoughts..
please leave comments... just wanna know wat u all thought of...
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Anonymous said...

hmm.. yeah. i thought of it sometimes but its just a random thought.i din really think deeply into it. but anyways, if it were to happen to my parents leh... i will eventually accept it no matter how much i dun wan to accept oso have to accept and move on. thn leh, at this time, have to live each day as it is and see what medication maybe.and most importantly, spend more time with them!


[≥Ф≈ΡŕøжỸ≈Ф≤] said...

actually was just thought how serious will it be..
what should we do to cope with it..
that is seriously very hard to go through.. but they brought us up for decades.. aren't their task are way harder?
hu r u?
blog hopper..??

Anonymous said...

what do u mean by blog hopper? if u want to now more about alzeheimer, why not you try to google it and see what u find? u can think of the worst that might happen.. which is to let other people take care of them..medical wise and caring because u need to still work and worry no 1 will take care of them.u get what i mean? but that doesn't mean ur task of taking care of them yourself is over. you still need to spend time with them as much as you can, and they may forget you sometimes but with patience and love, u will be able to love them with all your heart like they have loved you before.

[≥Ф≈ΡŕøжỸ≈Ф≤] said...

i heard that term from my fren..
saying sum ppl just hop blogs..
name them blog hopper..
since u asked this
means u are not..
bcz u are baq...