Thursday, August 27, 2009

full day outing

today i woke up pretty late and went out for a lunch gathering at sunway piramid.. and i dragged along my best bud, vincent.. =P i can see him pretty bored when we started to talk sth about our gang (who are all UNiM-ians, except him) lol... very sorry la vincent.. paiseh paiseh... =P

we reached sunway piramid around 1.30.. and we had our decision of having lunch at sakae for like half hour i think?? sorry everyone... was my wrong.. =( but we had our chats till 5.... which were so awesome... but no photos out.. bcz i forgotten to charge my flash battery... which i am very sorry to u guys... but i took sum shots with high ISO.. which i really feel impressed with the CCD sensor and 2.8's ability... thank god got 2.8 to support me... =D (oh, CCD and 2.8 is sth about photography.. paiseh) but it is pretty obvious about the noise on the photos.. but still nice... hehehe

so... our chats ended at 5... and of course we headed baq home... and i reached home at 6.40... =X and i was supposed to be at home before 6pm becoz i had a dinner with my mom and my aunt.. ended i was late bcz of highway jam...

it was raining when it was 5... and while on the way back.. there were few cars broke down and becoz of those cars.. the TYPICAL MALAYSIAN (super obsessed knowing what happened) slowed down and see CLEARLY.. made me very pretty angry.. and seriously thank god that once i reached home only i feel like going toilet URGENTLY.. lol!!!

p/s: photos will be uploaded at next post. stay tune. =D
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