Monday, August 31, 2009


was supposed to go for a dinner just now... and the factory opposite the restaurant we wanted to go got on fire.. it had been almost half an hour before we were there... the BLACK smoke was very thick.. and typical malaysians always do the typical things, crowd and look at the fire. Well, the firemen all had trying hard to put it off but due to the water wasn't that enough... the fire was still on for another pretty long period..

As we, just did not care about those typical malaysian, drove my car to somewhere far away to park and walked to the restaurant. While ordering food, the restaurant got electricity cut. =____=" which made us had a candlelight dinner.. lol!

i was so sweaty till used up 2 pieces of tissue paper just to wipe off my sweat on my face... and till we almost finish the dinner, the fire got controlled but the WHITE smoke was still up instead of BLACK smoke.. =D

Oh well, it was pretty long to see some reporter to be there for photos... this reminded me of what my friend told me.. if you took some photos of some places caught fire and took alot people's attention... the newspapers will only pay you for the picture if and only if there are FIRE in the picture... so, i believe the reporters all have left before we arrived.. lol!!

well.. did you see any factory caught in fire? lol!
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