Monday, August 31, 2009


was supposed to go for a dinner just now... and the factory opposite the restaurant we wanted to go got on fire.. it had been almost half an hour before we were there... the BLACK smoke was very thick.. and typical malaysians always do the typical things, crowd and look at the fire. Well, the firemen all had trying hard to put it off but due to the water wasn't that enough... the fire was still on for another pretty long period..

As we, just did not care about those typical malaysian, drove my car to somewhere far away to park and walked to the restaurant. While ordering food, the restaurant got electricity cut. =____=" which made us had a candlelight dinner.. lol!

i was so sweaty till used up 2 pieces of tissue paper just to wipe off my sweat on my face... and till we almost finish the dinner, the fire got controlled but the WHITE smoke was still up instead of BLACK smoke.. =D

Oh well, it was pretty long to see some reporter to be there for photos... this reminded me of what my friend told me.. if you took some photos of some places caught fire and took alot people's attention... the newspapers will only pay you for the picture if and only if there are FIRE in the picture... so, i believe the reporters all have left before we arrived.. lol!!

well.. did you see any factory caught in fire? lol!
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p/s: today have the mood to write post in chinese. sorry if inconvenient caused to you. =)





众所周知,我对摄影很有兴趣。我当然也会带我的相机去咯……可是,我担心的就在这点:听说第二年并不容易读,而且每去一个国家旅游(大约7-8天)都需要五百至六百英镑。数目不少咧!!而且,我很想要的是得到1st class honor degree啊,加上我始终对我的拍摄技术有所保留。浪费了机会,就真的很浪费……








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Sunday, August 30, 2009

a new way of my blogging

I am thinking of changing another way to blog...
I plan to change where.. i will post a picture a day...
and to show at something instead of pushing all "surprise" at once..
what you think?
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Photo session...

I have went to a place where is pretty near my place...

Desa Park City.. =) THE waterfront@ PARKCITY...

If this picture is made to be HDR.. i believe this would be pretty cool...

Oh, you know wat...? i spotted dead fish in the lake.. =____=

I really wonder why they do not clear these dead fishes.. (there are a few actually..)

Till i spotted this....

becoz "they" will clean it.. hahaha....

oh and...
i spotted a couple brought a dog to have fun!

the dog ran all the way to the lake.. lol!!!

well... becoz i was there for pretty long.. and more and more residents came for evening jogging..

and on the same time.. i took this...

How is this?

oh, of course, I won't miss out the photo to take sum bokeh shots..

and lastly, i got this shot to try for HDR...
how is this?

Please leave comments... =D
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Friday, August 28, 2009

get wild and entertain the world!

see this...
this is really cool...
200+ dancers gathering randomly (i think) and danced this stunning moves.. cool....
oh.. btw..
tonight i got another gatherin...
so, i think photos upload gotta postpone again.. sorry... =(
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

full day outing

today i woke up pretty late and went out for a lunch gathering at sunway piramid.. and i dragged along my best bud, vincent.. =P i can see him pretty bored when we started to talk sth about our gang (who are all UNiM-ians, except him) lol... very sorry la vincent.. paiseh paiseh... =P

we reached sunway piramid around 1.30.. and we had our decision of having lunch at sakae for like half hour i think?? sorry everyone... was my wrong.. =( but we had our chats till 5.... which were so awesome... but no photos out.. bcz i forgotten to charge my flash battery... which i am very sorry to u guys... but i took sum shots with high ISO.. which i really feel impressed with the CCD sensor and 2.8's ability... thank god got 2.8 to support me... =D (oh, CCD and 2.8 is sth about photography.. paiseh) but it is pretty obvious about the noise on the photos.. but still nice... hehehe

so... our chats ended at 5... and of course we headed baq home... and i reached home at 6.40... =X and i was supposed to be at home before 6pm becoz i had a dinner with my mom and my aunt.. ended i was late bcz of highway jam...

it was raining when it was 5... and while on the way back.. there were few cars broke down and becoz of those cars.. the TYPICAL MALAYSIAN (super obsessed knowing what happened) slowed down and see CLEARLY.. made me very pretty angry.. and seriously thank god that once i reached home only i feel like going toilet URGENTLY.. lol!!!

p/s: photos will be uploaded at next post. stay tune. =D
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i got my new lens

this is my new lens... tokina 11-16mm F/2.8
is really a nice lens...
the clarity seriously very big diff...
looking forward for the malacca trip..
and play around with wen shan...
wen shan, if u are seeing this...
u should be proud of this!

the actual shots of my lens will be up soon
stay tune
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandma....

It has been 3 weeks after my grandmother's birthday.. And now only i post processed the photos... I am so sorry about it. But there was a reason, all photos weren't up to my expectation and I wasn't in a mood for photography that day.. =(

So, after editing with PS, i got 4 photos done in around 1 hour i think... for the time being... i will just upload these 4 photos here and please leave comments...

this is the preparation photo taken be4 the celebration began.

My grandmother... =)

My mother and sisters

And my nephews and nieces... =D

Actually there are more photos taken.. but these 4 are just the one that I accepted so far.. =(
hope u may like them..
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I got this layout done slowly...
took hours... which made me abit mad because was out for 3 hours did nothing out there...
so, what you think about this new layout??
give suggestions... =)
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Monday, August 24, 2009


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just a short update

it has been few days not updating anything...
bcz i feel my days werent that great to post up...
Tmr i might be going out for a photoshooting..
but still cant figure where to go...
oh, i'm getting a new lens on wed..
but sad thing is... i'm gonna close down a bank account..
hope tmr i could update sum photos...
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

sunway piramid...

today, i have went to sunway piramid..
and took sum shots...
but is just with my handphone..
becoz i left my camera at home when i was out since lunch..
i went there and waited my fren, THE PILOT at here...

so this pilot turned up... while my fren just walked away for a phone call..
so we headed to wong kok... which first time i came to...
feel sth new.. lol....
so we ordered sth looks cool... and colorful.. lol!

Devil Fairy Tale... sounds cute with this color... maybe there is sth wrong with my phone which i have not used for taking photo so long... color looks faded.. =( Oh yeah, there is sth on top.. which looks like ashes... lol!

oh and here comes another drinks served...
which i duno what's that name even it camed...

and that pilot starts to stir that drink..

happily........ =X

and where is my drink laaa...
waited few minutes talk and taking sum lame photos...
here it came..
and that pilot tried to fit in to take this photo...
and she succeeded...

after she succeeded...
sudah tak peduli apa i nak cakap dah...
see what is she doing after that...

but still...
she still couldn't stand on my lame-ness...
and she...

my fren was beside all the time...
and here he is..

i seriously looks fatter edi...
come on... please.. i wan slim down be4 i get to uk... =(
training hard hard now... =D
oh btw..
she actually not tak layan.. she was just attracted to the LCD tv at the other side.... and laughed out for duno wat reason.. =P

be4 i end this entry..
show u 1 photo that i feel abit weird...
but.. can u get what's that?

i just feel pretty nice with this....
but no camera on hand.. or maybe should say even with a camera on hand..
this shot wont be getting nicer that much... lol....

hey.. i promised to get sum photos uploaded k... =P
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 nightmares continuously

i just had 2 very similar nightmares continuously for 2 nights continuously...
running for escapes...
got caught and armed down..
got choked...
couldn't fight baq...
couldn't breath..
turn body and got up..
and run for life again...
and back to the circle again...
till i open my eyes....
pretty scary...
have no idea what made me have such nightmare...
have been a long time did not have any nightmare...
worse is that it happened on 2 nights continuously too!

oh yah....
yesterday there is someone became a pilot for 1 day...
and this made me to have 2 "date" on the same day...
i believe 3 of them would understand what i mean...
do u get what i mean from this PILOT and 2 "DATE" ??
and funniest thing was that these 2 "dates" were at same venue...

btw... might upload sum photos on next entry..
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sumone just flew away with an aeroplane

sumone called me up and said wanted to have a karaoke session tmr sumwhere in pj...
ended today that sumone told me tmr license expired.. thursday got date... friday gathering... apa ini.... this pilot... cannot be forgiven....

are you 1 of this type of pilot in ur gang?
better not to...
bcz u will get cursed or talk bad in blog...
just like wat i did... hahahahahahaha
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Monday, August 17, 2009


Today I have went to 1utama Golden Screen Cinema with my best bud, Vincent for this movie. hah... it has been such a long time i did not have such outings... pretty cool movie i would say.. the best is the scene where Ripcord looking for the control button in the jet to fire the "missle" to distroy the warhead.. and he cant find any button. ended up he tried with every single english word to fire it.. ended is another language... =.="" and the last warhead he has risked his life to rescue washington.. that's the awesome part... lol!

Oh yeah, i love the guy in the picture on top... he is just as cool as u can see... =P he just do the action and no speaking needed.. he even just pointing on LCD screen to let the other JOEs know what he spotted.. COOL!!!

have u all seen this movie?
get the ticket and watch it! that's seriously awesome!!!!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009



For your information, Taiwan is now met disaster, has submerged a lot of places.
Tzu-chi is currently looking for donations to help them.
Hope you, the reader could do a favor for god sake (for buddha sake), donate some money to them.
For more information, please visit

Thank you for your favor. Blessed always.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

new member



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Friday, August 14, 2009



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Thursday, August 13, 2009

the official first outing with my best bud FOR THIS YEAR!

OMG weih...
as u can read from the title..
yea, this outing is the OFFICIAL one...
we went out once.. but was late at night.. and was forced by sum1 to go mamak when i was so tired and preparing for second day's camp which is 10 days long.
but nvm...
at least we went out again!
today i have went to my best bud campus, TARC at setapak.
i went there by MRR2... once i reach there... just nice he reached the main entrance I THINK?
lol... there was so full of cars and students... made me took a big u turn just to pick him up right infront of the entrance... so we had our lunch at McD which is most convenient? yeah, i think so.
then, we headed to titiwangsa which took us duno how long.. =.=""
bcz i used my gps... lol!
we turned in the taman tasik titiwangsa just to look for the rc track..
we later found it was like.. 10 mins searching? lol!
so, these are the photos i took:

any comment?
please give comments on picture.. =)

but soon after i started to touch the controller... the car started to being damaged... =X
sorry vincent!!!!
and the car just went summersault and the car cant be used...
simply becoz be4 that the car went pass water.. =.="""
so, we cant do anything right? so we headed to time square immediately... on our way to time square, it RAINS! WHAT!?!?!? =.="""
KL+RAIN=?? JAM la duh... lol!
so we got stuck in jam for duno how long. once we parked the car, we went soooo fast to that shop which this car was purchased to repair...
when we were in the car, i was telling him that maybe when we reach the shop, the car can work edi..
just as i guessed... it memang begitu... once reach the shop... the technician helped us to try out..
the tyre spinned and splashed sum "left-over" water on his face... loL!!!!!!
the technician immediately said:"Boss, got water la!" woooppppppsssssssssssssssssssssssssss =P
btw, he still helped to tune the car and everything goes baq to normal...
once we have done these in time square.. we ran away... bcz i got a mission baq at home.. =.="

awesome day..... but drove so long... pretty tired... and got insane by photoshop... someone help me to brush my skill please... lol!
oh ya... gotta thanks to my fren, a good CANON USER photographer and also a good photoshop-er.. K.Yew... so paiseh keep asking his help when he is playing game.. >__<"

k... time to say.... "stay tune"

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photos: Kirchoff Charity Race

This is the event that was previously organized for UNiM students by UNMC IET Student Chapter. I was appointed to be the photographer.
This event is basically inviting a couple to be a group and compete with others. The earnings we got have been fully donated to a home located at Sungai Long which doesn't have any SUNGAI at all.. xD

One of our station game was having a task which needs the participants to eat bitter cord which even the person-in-charge doesnt like that food and gave that idea. =__="
see how ENJOYING is he, Joshua eating there! is not bitter at all btw..

And of course, we are not racist for anything right? so of course, the Africans joined too.. they enjoyed the game they said. =) happy to hear from them... hohoho

couple shot... of course, they are not gay... just, we mentioned couple, but din mention couple as guy and gal as a couple right? yeah! =)

this pic makes me feel nice with the position of the NOOB photoshop-er (ME)'s watermark. looks cool by putting at that position. what you think?

see~! another couple which is not that COUPLE you thought.. lol
this is UNiM laa... not all couple will join the game organized in school.. Y? bcz they just wan be more romantic instead? i think so.. =P

Hehe.. the TOP STUDENT in my class.. And if not mistaken, she is the TOP 3 UEC student last year. OMG!!!
but see how CUTE is this look la... and yah, the guy blocking, is her partner..
is joshua! xD

See how sad is joshua's result compared to his partner!? what a small baloon he got after blowing so long..... lol!

Chern ta! Chern Ta~~~ chill abit!!! dun la later u get DRUNK by just blowing baloon!!
damn red weih ur face... lol!!

oowwhhhh............. so romantic......... lol.......

some mistakes captured... wanted to cover just the eyes, but he just TERpull the thing and that newspaper nearly blocked his nose.. was adjusted right be4 i took this shot.. =(

We got a station is just at the lake in our uni! this station is having some simple quiz which u either get it right, and get the next clue? or get it wrong, and run around the lake. so, u could guess he got the quiz right or wrong then. SRY KIN FA~ xD

the first person reached the safe zone.. but he was sooooooooooooo stressed... lol!!

the second one... but see how tired he is... never been playing such game around the whole campus be4 i bet.. lol!

the couple which won the 3rd prize! they were soooooooooooooo happy!!!
know y? bcz joshua supposed to be the committee, but since he did not attend any meeting yet, and that girl wanted to join. so we decided to kick him out and join with her.. lol!!!
committee joined the race and got prize? lol.. sumone was kinda angry with that question! =(

and of course, the group pictures with all participants! they were soooo happy....
bcz that was the first time they played a race which gotta run around the whole campus... lol!
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