Sunday, November 16, 2008


if there is a chance for u to go for exchange programme to UK for studies, will you just take that chance without second thought?

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


today, i have donated my blood... and i was actually late for class almost 15 minutes?
which is.. really really very very hyper duper hyper surprising for all my classmates..
hahaha... believe it or not.. almost always, i'm in the class at least 5 mins earlier..

ok.. stop bout that..
second thing is...
this is the first time that i haven't finish my lab report till this hour.
which is critical hour~?
haha... anyway, is jz simply becoz i totally dun understand wat is this lab about..
so, in a way was nearly screw the practical part of the lab.. hahaha...
oh yea, another reason was jz becoz on the past saturday, i was having meeting from 4 hours after i woke up... till at nite.. so basically i did not have a time slot for me to do research on saturday. what bout sunday? was actually packing stuff and head back to my hostel. so, yea.... i screwed it till now.. kakaka...
ok okok... is really a time for me to donate my time to this lab report for around 3 hours from now.. must finish it by hook or by crook.

k.. update next time.

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