Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to update my current life

hmm... It has been such a long time i did not update my life.
Oh yea, it has been 5 weeks of UNI life here!
although it is written 5 weeks, but it is actually 6 weeks where the second week has turned to be a READING WEEK which actually is hari raya..
oh... erm...
there has 1 super freak out rumor passing around which is saying i'm IN LOVE.
basically i'm in love... WITH MY CAMERA~~~ lol!!!
i love it soo much... it helps me took alot of cool pics nowadays..
but.. baq to that word.. IN LOVE... is really LOVE...
omg... i'm still single weih...
couldn't believe my frens are kicking me from my baq..
how ah how ah...
anybody can help me to settle this rumor?
erm, dun tell me of jz go with the gal who involved in that rumor..
that's the wrong solution. lol!

ok ok.. ignore this..
erm, let say about my society clubs' updates,
basically i'm nominated as a Director in Leo Club of KL Unity.
Funding Director.. OOoo... sounds cool right?
is just simply becoz i have took up the post of OC for the event of Charity Food and Fun Fair.
On the other hand, i have won without contesting the position of Assistant Director of Multimedia for my university's IET Student Chapter. oh, no doubt, i wanted to get director for it too, jz my fren submitted the request form few minutes be4 me and i did not know it till my fren ( who is another guy who got the Vice President) pass me the form and helped me fill in the post of AD Multimedia. oo... lol! couldn't believe i'm under that guy anyway.. oh yea, no doubt, he has more time facing computer to do video editing, photoshop-ing.. lol! so, what i will do is most probably photoshoot and let him photoshop and process into a video.. wakaka... i think my job is better? at least, my eyes won't suffer from got "attack" by the side effect of monitors.. =P

ok, just informing, i'm partially back to my buddhist society. To be frank, I sumhow still feel left behind. Anyway, did not hope for anything much, just simply becoz the only wish from me is hope this buddhist society can bring up the spirit of teamwork, consensus in everyone and let the spirit heals our venerable master Zheng Kong.
I miss those days our venerable master taught us with humorous. we laughed like nobody cares.

ok, i think that's too messy to continue my post here. so this is basically wat has updated in my life, not thinking ya.. lol!

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