Sunday, October 05, 2008


it was so crucial to make this decision perhaps...

It has been almost 3 years history since the last critical thing happened in the past camp. And at last ONLY I accept it and get it done now. I went back to my 2nd home.

After i came back to this 2nd home, the program was moving on perfectly smooth. Yet, during the camp feedback & discussion meeting, there has several conflicts found between committees. It was a very good camp for the participants but not committees. Frankly speaking here, I was once in a very critical situation. I forced myself to control myself which I think I partially did it till the camp ends. The camp was kind of smooth if the timing control is ignored. =P But the committees weren't smooth at all. NEVER. It was partially done by me. Anyway, what has been done is done. right? So ignore.... ~_~

Okay..Back to the topic, basically this camp was pretty cool that everyone really did their tasks kinda well. Of course, there has improvement needed. Yes, improvement on guiding the committees along the program goes. I believe all these while everyone was guiding the committee in a wrong way or could say it as "method" perhaps? I found that there has a need (MUST) to brief every committee of what should be done and what will be the whole program going on. It gives them a whole idea of the camp program and it let committee feel satisfied when the camp ended. Committees used to feel very unsatisfied due to several misunderstanding within themselves. Hmm.. I shouldn't give too much opinion perhaps..? anyhow I somehow still feel that I'm still as a new-comer back to this 2nd home. Although I don't wish to.
That's it.

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