Wednesday, June 11, 2008

in my life, I seems to be very very lucky enough. Let me list out what i get so far:
1. Nokia 3310
2. Nokia 8310
3. Sony Ericsson T630
4. Nokia 3230
5. Sony Ericsson Z610i
6. Sony Ericsson K810i
7. Dopod D810
8. Perodua Myvi SE Manual
9. Olympus mju-400 (digital camera)
10. digital dictionary (Besta CD-618pro)
11. Dell XPS M1210 (laptop)
12. Fossil watch
13. uncountable clothes
14. bicycle x2
and loads n loads n loads of small items...
I can't believe that i have spent such much money on these stuff...
On top of that, this coming 3 months holiday or so-called summer holiday
I am going to work for DSLR camera... Nikon D80 which costs RM3350 for just
18-135mm lens kit.. I will still need SD card, filter, flash and more..
i can't believe I am wasting money when the price of everything is increasing..
have to control me myself start from this minute, this second!
Forcing myself not going to buy any clothes anymore, unless it is a necessary..

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