Sunday, April 08, 2007

last yr.. 2006 was the yr full of stress..(1st part)

beginning of the year.. Police Cadet has been established in my secondary school 2 yrs.
this will be the second yr i joined this body. N, 2006 will be the yr which will be very bz
for almost all activities should be held for Police Cadet. For example, we havt prepare for
marching competition n annual camp...
so, we hav decided to organize the annual camp rite after the first term exam.. which is
the first 4 days of the 1st term holiday..
the bad luck started here...
the camp havt to be organized n planned for the activities..
n they recommended me to plan for the activities..
n.. i did that...
but.. pls note sth.. be4 the annual camp.. it will be 2 weeks of exam.. n i still need to plan
for the activities.. so.. how m i going to focus on revision?
but.. it's ok.. i did it done be4 the camp.. n i MUZ design for the handbook for the camp
AS WELL?? hey.. that isnt my job n i hav no responsibility to do it K??
i done everything by the last day of the exam, which is the day be4 the camp..
once i reach home.. i havt bring along the handbook i created.. to duplicate for everyone.
included for committee.. n participants..
then... by evening.. all committee muz go baq to school for preparation for everything..
included look around the environment? to make sure it is safety enough when participants
havin the activities in the school..
oh my.. it tooks almost half of the day.. we went there.. n did everything till midnight around
3. all the gals MUZ leave school by that time.. so left guys.
n.. we havt design for the FLAG for the annual camp.. included writing the term of the camp
on it.. then... through out the whole camp.. i havt be 24 hours staying awake.. Y??
jz becoz i'm the one hu plan for the activities.. n they were not taking their responsibility
seriously.. n.. end up wif i do everything.. in every seconds... n din sleep well for 4 days 4 nite..
most of the time were working.. n maybe around 5 hrs sleeping.
too bad...
be4 the camp ends... which means... the last day?
I MUZ go for a course bout UBS.. for 2 days.. so.. the last day of the camp.. i havt prepare..
n wait in school for my classmates..
but end up they waited me outside of the school.. everybody waited me... for almost half an
hour.. then only can go baq home rest in the evening while others can sleep in the late afternoon
.. after the course finish..
left 2 days for me to rest... then i havt go for AKLTG camp...
wif my fren.. aaron pek... to seremban... then... i havt work for everyday... as a runner?? swt..
for 6 days... which means... the whole hol is fulfilled wif these activities.. n i dun even hav much
time in the hse...hmm...
too bad!! my result was BLASTED??
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