Saturday, November 11, 2006

most unwanted feelings...

now, once again i feel very uncomfortable with classmates. i dun even know wat happened to me
that made me feel so. i'm wondering... maybe becoz i'm a stranger.. or maybe i'm not their 'type'.
i cant suit them at all... no matter doing wat task we will hav a small quarrel which brings to extreme vexation and harm to our relationships... there are alot of things that they dun even
know! and they juz thought that i'm wat they think bout me... wat made them think so.. i seriously cant stand on it anymore..
besides that, i have an extreme feeling tells me that my friends are leaving me one after another.
wat i did!?!?!?

hmm... ok... prom night and the graduation day are over. everything may juz stop right here.
hope that everything will not continue in my life path. prom night isnt wat i think that fun actually..
it was blast!! so boring with every activities.. err... i din mean to criticize the organizer juz that
those activities din giv much time enuf to play. once trying to get into the mood and the activity
ends. XD
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