Monday, November 06, 2006


now, once again I'm being directionless.
I can't even know what I want. Although i know SPM
is just right in front of me, I still laying back right here,
playing computer everyday, and even watch tv series
just to let the time pass. I feel that I'm a stupid and
useless person ever. I am very guilty, but I don't know
what made me have no mood to study. There's a friend
told me that force myself facing the book for at least 30 mins
or even longer, and it might help me get into the situation.
I really wish to find something that I can read and gives
me an energy N force to study well before SPM. Although
the precentage of I getting straight A's in SPM is low, I still
hope that I can get it for my full scholarship.

Maybe, now I'm thinking of LOVE too much? I really do hope
that there is a person that can brighten my thinking now
so that I won't be that PUPPY N stupid. I have being a stupid
guy who love those girls that impossible have answer since
last year. What made me like that? Anybody can tell me!?

SOMEONE pls do give me some directions!!!!!
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