Sunday, March 19, 2006

1 week of relaxing holiday have been used by going to police cadet's camp, account course, and AKLTG's camp. that's really really busy through out the whole holiday. there is juz for around 18 hours for whole holiday to sleep,doesnt it sound sad~?
during pc camp, there is no time to sleep, juz maybe around 20 minutes for 3 days. yea, u didnt see wrongly, it is 20 minutes for 3 days. since i was being the programmer and game master, there is no time for me to rest. in the midnight, there is stand 2, giving games, competition of marching for cadet ( new member). besides, in akltg's camp there is juz for around 3-4 hours to sleep each day.
maybe there is summore time to sleep, but then there is just a nap during the speeches by trainer is going on. although it is hard to go through, but it is much better than staying at home doing nth, just do those not benefiting stuff, such as play computer games, watching tv and gathering with friends. it was a cool holiday i having, but it looks quite fast to end up it~
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